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Didim - Altınkum

From Northern Shores of Kuşadası Gulf to Güllük Gulf

Didim - Altınkum

Coordinates 37°20'24.00" N - 27°15'48.00" E
Chart No 224

This place is indicated in the charts as Altınkum or Karakuyu, but it is commonly known as Ancient Didyma.

The shore lies to the south, it provides sheltering from northerlies. The bottom is sand and relatively clear.

Caution :Care is needed for the sea-level reefs running out about 400 meters from the pier on the west.

Do not approach directy to the pier on the west. Take route towards the middle, leave the reefs on your port side then alter your course to the port. Custom building stands behind the pier. This pier is for tripper boats, it gets very crowded especially in summer.

We suggest boats either to go to D-Marin or drop anchor in front of the beach and swing. Nights are noisy especially in summer because of holiday makers. Water gets cold in some parts, there are underground water sources and circulations.

Didim has so many historical sites. The famous Apollon Temple at Didyma is worth visiting. All provisions can be found in the town. There are regular bus services to most cities. Didim has become popular among the British community. A large number of families have purchased properties in the vicinity.

Westerly blowing winds are predominant. Breeze usually blows between west and northwest.

The average temperature reaches 27.3 C in summer, rainfall is 578,1 mm/m2 as an average and mean humidty is around 62.49%.