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Condition of Use

Welcome to Confidentiality Statement of this website is subject to the following conditions; If you visit, you are accepting these conditions. Please read them carefully. In addition, when you use any current or future service of this site, you will also be subject to the guidelines, terms and agreements applicable to service. Our goal is to improve service quality to match web user requirements and needs. tracks your surfing by IP address and related system information, including system names and internet network addresses that often identify your computer. Search engines record queries with your computer identification.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

By using the web site, you acknowledge your personal information in the website and can be accessed and used by We utilize various secure techniques for all personal information and data provided so that users may benefit from the site and the services in this site through secure servers. Enrollment forms and data are kept in accordance with legal procedures, users can authorize to transfer Facebook account details and use them to complete enrollment procedures. Your password will not be required or asked by Your visit to website is constructed as your approval for us to keep and utilize the updated version of the necessary information and data subject to herein in this Confidentiality Agreement. will in no event share any of such information with any third party.

Feedbacks and Evaluations

Feedbacks, suggestions of users will be vital important for us. Your evaluations and comments will allow us to improve service quality. These feedbacks will be utilized according to our own statistical approach. Visitors to the "Feedbacks" section may be asked to provide personal contact information. This information may be shared by Celonis Bilişim Prodüksiyon ve Reklam Limited Şirketi. Feedbacks for any purpose, in any way, shall become the property of Celonis Bilişim Prodüksiyon ve Reklam Limited Şirketi without any obligation of Bilişim Prodüksiyon ve Reklam Limited Şirketi to you and you are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of any kind from.


We utilize secure techniques to allow users for efficient web browsing. Our site stores "cookies" to keep track information about your activity on the site. The main purpose is to identify users. Login information is stored in a cookie so that the user can enter and leave the website at any time without being asked personal information. Cookies act as a sort of "bookmark" within the site. We suggest users login via personal computers rather than public computers as common techniques allow for login tracking and storing users’ personal data. Therefore we suggest commercial entities be more careful while browsing through the website.

Mails and Mailing lists

Users will automatically be in our mailing data list with subscription to . Our mailing list will be of informative purpose such as newsletters for users. Our mailing database will not be shared with any servers.

Social Networking Websites

Our site is also accessible from our official pages in Facebook and Twitter. When the user visits these social networking sites, they could easily complete subscription. When user agrees to give authorization to our applications, we will be able to access users’ data to utilize them for our statistical evaluation. Users should be aware that the image sharing in social networks do not require sharing of any personal information and is regarded as social networking activity.

Privacy Policy

Coast Guide of Turkey Team and Celonis Bilişim Prodüksiyon ve Reklam Ltd Şti have certain designations and commitments to handle users’ personal data extremely confidential to ensure security against any unauthorized access.

Please inquire if any further clarification required.

Coast Guide of Turkey has to right to alter privacy policy without notice.

Updated on July 22. 2012