• Sedir Adası

    The beach on the west is called Cleopatra Beach. According to legends, the sand was brought from Africa by galleys to create a beach for Cleopatra and her lover Antony. Soon after, it became known as'Cleopatrs Islan'. Test have confirmed that the sand is typical of Africa-it is not of this region. Classfied as oolitic (which often limestone based), it is sticky and forms over long periods of time. The sand on the beach is protected under preservation programme.

    There are a restaurant and showers on the island. It gets crowded in summer with excursion boats. A custodian patrols the island, who will charge you a fee to step ashore.

    Kedreai was an important Carian settlement in the Rhodian Confederacy. Mykenails first settled here (1400 B.C.), and together with Knidos and Halicarnassus they built the confederation of Heksapolis. This site had a fortified enclosure with towers. The remains of the Doric temple of Apollo were converted into a church. The city’s theatre is still in good condition.