• Assos (Behramkale)

    Assos was founded by the Aeolians of Lesbos in 9 th century B.C. Aristotle (385-345 B.C) lived here for three years. The Persians controlled this coast until the city was taken by Pergamum; it was later taken by the Romans and Byzantium. The Ottomans took control of the city in A.D1330.

    An archaic Doric temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena was built here in 6th century BC. It was the only temple of the Doric order in Asia Minor at the time.  It is magnificently sited, high above the sea and rocks, looking across to Mytilene. The remains of Agora, theatre and Gymnasium are still worth visiting. At the upper end of the village of Behramkale, a 14th -century mosque and the high-backed bridge across the Tuzla Çayı, the Satnioeis flowing north of the acrolop, are also early Ottoman work.