• Myndos

    Ancient Myndos was probably founded by a native peoples called Leleges. Today, settlement at Myndos is on southeast of the site of the ancient city. The Leleges and Carians once lived on the hillsides of the Bodrum Peninsula. After Doric immigration, they settled where the fortress now stands, integrated with the new residents, and founded Halicarnassus.

    Mausolus founded the settlement at Myndos in the 4th century B.C. City walls three-kilometres long and built of green granite from the bay nearby ( known as Koyunbaba) surrounded the settlement. The walls were destroyed by Alexander the Great’s soldiers. Some traces remain of the ancient theatre and stadium. 

    Myndos played a role in the struggle between Cassius and Julius Caesar. Cassius nursed his grievance against Caesar and prepared his troops in Myndos, imposing hardship on the local residents. He was able to defeat the Rhodian fleet, but could not avoid his own doom.

    The church Eklisia,  where art and cultural festivals are held today, is from Roman era.

    The people of Myndos were known for drinking salty water, because they mixed their wine with seawater.