• Phokaia (Foça)

    Phokaia was founded in the 8th century B.C., an Ionian settlement in the Aeolian League. An image of a seal on its coinage was the Phokians’ symbol. Phokians were famous for their skills as mariners, traders, and colonists. The city lost influence during the Persian rule of West Anatolia. 

    Phokaia was taken by the Ottomans in 1455. The remains of an ancient sarcophagus and semi-finished school are worth visiting.


    According to legend, wind blowing through the caves caused a high-pitched siren noise that sailors thought was the sound of mermaids calling to them—some men were even known to jump into the sea to join them. Ancient captains apparently plugged their crews’ ears to keep them from jumping ship

    Mediterranean seals that shelter in the caves of Siren Rocks. This area is taken under environment protection programme.

    The castle on the peninsula was built by the Genoese and rebuilt by the Ottomans.