• Caria (Karya)

    The mountainous southwest coast of Anatolia—which takes in the southern part of the Meander River and Kaunos (encircled by Ionia, Phrygia, and Lycia)—was called Caria. The region was particularly powerful in the 4th century B.C. during the era of Hecatomnus. Mylasa was the capital of Caria; Halicarnassus became the capital during the era of Maussollos, who was the virtual ruler of Caria and the son of Hecatomnus, who brought Greek culture and embellished his capital and other cities with excellent work of art in Halicarnassus, Labranda, Knidos, and Mylasa. Following the death of Alexander the Great, Caria was included first in the empire of Seleucids, then in the Pergamum Kingdom, and finally in the Roman Province of Asia, in 133 B.C. Karya was captured by the Turks under Menteş dynasty in 13th century.