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Edremit Gulf

Edremit Gulf


214 – 2145 Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography.

1061 – 1087 B.Admiralty

Adequate anchorages from Mıhlı Point on the north to Maden Adası on the east are outlined under this caption. The bay’s north shore features rocky mountains covered by pine and olive trees. Star of myth and legend, Kazdağı (formerly called Mount Ida) reaches and altitude of 1750 meters. It provides the famous oxygenated atmosphere. The land on the east is the fertile valley of Edremit. The area is known as the world of olives.

There are no obstacles in the fairway. There is only one on the southern part at Bozburun, indicated by the iron – based light tower ( Fl 5s 35m 10 M), be alert for breaking and sunken rocks and islets by the shore. Careful plotting is required while cruising along this shore.

Winds in summer are predominant from the north and northwest. Usually, it blows at noon and dies off in the late afternoon. Some days, north and northwest winds turn violent and blow constantly and generate three in a row frequencies waves in vertical displacement.

There are limited ports in the gulf, providing adequate berthing and most anchorages are fair weather spots. Care is required while entering into the shelters.

The region offers unique landscapes, historical and archaeological sites. Most provisions are available. Land transport facilities are well maintained. There is an airport in the area.

Water and electricity connections are available in the shelters. Mechanical and electrical works can be carried out in the workshops. Chandlery facilities are limited except in one in Ören Shelter.