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1675 (B.Adm.)

Adequate anchorages, lying between Gulf of Edremit and Dikili Strait are included in our portal.

Ayvalık is the main town in the region. There are many coves in the bay with different identity that provide adequate anchorage. On approaching Ayvalık port zone, a white concrete light tower indicates the entrance to Dalyan Strait. There are 6 meters depth in the strait. Careful navigation is required through the southern sector of this cardinal light (VQ (6) + L Fl 15s). A red buoy SW of cardinal lights indicates the southern end of a shallow area. It is better to pass south of this buoy. Once past the buoy, stay on a route through the middle of the three pairs of tracking lights, standing in distance of 40 meters. Keep green and white (Fl G 3s) lights to starboard, and red and white (Fl R 3s) to port. Right after these lights, the deeper waters of Ayvalık start.

Northern entry is from the strait under the bridge – Dolap Strait – connects Port Ayvalık to Edremit Bay. The bridge clearance is 3.5 m. so only small boats can pass under. Depth in the strait is 3 meters. Anchorages in the Ayvalık Port zone are not detailed due to current hygienic standards. They are mentioned as adequate anchorages only. We will amend these anchorages whenever the standards become convenient for the visiting yachts.

Careful plotting is advised while sailing in the region. Be alert for breaking and sunken rocks and islets.


Care is required for the shoal water and rocks on the south of Maden Adası (Semizhoroz Kaya ve Sığlığı).

There is a marina and a shelter in the region. Water and electricity connections are available. All sorts of provisions are found. Slipways are available. Mechanical and electrical works can be carried out. Spare parts availability is limited.

Region carries coastal climate conditions. Mild any rainy relatively warm in winter, hot in summer. Winds in summer are predominant from the west and northwest. Usually, the meltemi begins blowing at noon time, it has welcome cooling effect.

Strong northerly winds reach full strength in winter.

Annual average temperature is 17 °C. It is -7 °Cas the coldest, 37.8 °C as the warmest. Average rainfall is 641 mm/m2.

With its lovely nature and location, Ayvalık is one of the region’s nicest places to stop. Stone houses and the older parts of the town are worth visiting; the best is to go to Şeytan Sofrası at sunset to take in the beauty of Ayvalık and Midilli Island. It is hard to forget this bird’s-eye view.

Land transport facilities are available for all destinations including Istanbul and Izmir.

Ayvalık is densely wooded with olive trees.

The tall chimneys of olive factories are everywhere, where the highest-quality olive oil is produced from the trees of Ayvalık.

Teahouses and nice restaurants offer all kinds of delicious Aegean seafood, and one famous small sardine ‘’Papalina’’ is available only in Ayvalık.

Ayvalık was abandoned by the Greeks almost a century ago.  

Today the narrow streets, renovated houses, and churches in its historic settlements are interesting to visit.