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Ayvalık Setur Marina

Ayvalık Setur Marina
Ayvalık Setur Marina   ALL VISUALS

Ayvalık Setur Marina

Coordinates 39°18'54.08" N - 26°41'19.27" E
Chart No 2145
Vhf 73


R. Fl. 5.0 sn. (1.0 on 4.0 off)

G. Fl. 5.0 sn. (1.0 on 4.0 off)

Call sign:     “SETUR MARİNA”

Ayvalık Setur Marina is on the south west of the Ayvalık Port zone. There is 4.5 meter depth in the inlet. Laid moorings are tailed on the pontoons. Marina capacity is 200 yachts and dry – berth capacity is about 70 yachts. Water, electricity and wireless connections are available at all berths. Laundry, fuel station, market, restaurant and bar are within the marina. All mechanical, carpentry, engine and electrical works can be carried out in the yard. Ayvalık is an entry – exit port. Custom and immigration offices are located near the marina. All sorts of provisions can be found from the markets. Regular ferry services to Midilli Island (Lesvos) are available. Diving courses are organized. There are several attractive diving spots in the area. Land transport facilities are available for all destinations. Edremit Airport is 38 km and İzmir International Airport is 150 km from Ayvalık.

The public market takes place on Thursdays. Fresh vegetables and fruit can be found with reasonable rates. The market is so colorful; you can observe great frenetic bartering between the villagers and Greeks from Lesvos. You can find the usual assortment of counterfeit designer named clothes as well the real thing, beautiful handmade cotton textile and leather. Don’t forget to bargain!


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