Coast Guide TR

Sakız (Chios) Strait – Gulf of Sığacık


Chart  : 223 – Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Hyrdrography and Oceanography.

Adequate anchorages from Akburun on the west to Teke Burnu on the 20 miles southeast are examined in our portal. The shores from Akburun to Mersin Körfezi are densely loaded with summer residential sites. The sandy beaches are a big attraction for visitors but, most of them are fair weather anchorages for swimming breaks. Alaçatı bay is one of the greatest windsurfing destinations in the world. International windsurf championships are held in Alaçatı. The shores are shallow. Southerly blowing winds are predominant in the region. They blow full – strength at noon and die off in the late afternoon. It gives rise to violent wind along the shore of Alaçatı. There is a marina in the region and the coves are attractive for the sailors. All sorts of provisions can be found and transport facilities to most destinations are regularly available.

Care is needed for the shallows patches and reefs.                               

Dangerous Areas;

1-Two rocks in the middle which lie 1.80 of water on the east of Akburun,            

2-Shallow patches along the shores of Alaçatı,                                                          

3-Rocks off the southwest tip of Çiğdem Island extend about 200 m to the south,                                                                                                                      

4-There is an islet by the peninsula’s and reefs extend 60 meter on the south side between Değirmen Burnu and Zetineli Limanı.