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Dikili Gulf - Çandarlı Gulf



Charts: 214 – 2146 – 2147 – 2149 – 2210 Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography.

1061 – 1618 B.Admiralty

Under this chapter, we shall examine the shores from Tatlısu Bay on the northern part of Ayvalık region to Deveboynu Point on the north – south of Gulf İzmir.

Gulf of Çandarlı is a large bay between Dikili (Midilli (Lesvos)) Strait on the north and Gulf of Dikili on the south. It indents to the east. Adequate anchorages are indicated in this chapter. The shore line along the coast on the eastern side of Dikili Strait is shallow and the coastline is inhospitable. The mountains behind are rugged and rise steeply. It is the best to keep some distance off, to avoid effects of the wind – induced swell here. Midilli(Lesvos) Island is on the west of the strait. There are goods depths here, but care is required at night because of the fishing boats’ buoys. The coastline from Dikili to Çandarlı rises up again and it ends flat valley down to the western side of Çandarlı.  The shoreline is exposed to prevailing wind – famous Çandarlı winds. There are reefs and shallows on the western part of Gulf Çandarlı. Works for new Çandarlı Port is on progress. Aliağa and Nemrut Ports are on the southern shores of the gulf. The coastline splits by ravines, continues up to Eski Foça.

Region carries Mediterranean climate conditions. Mild any rainy relatively warm in winter, hot in summer. Average temperature is 21 °C in summer moths and 10 °C in winter months. Annual average temperature is 15.4 °C, and  -7  °C  as it is the coldest.  Average rainfall is 500 – 800 mm/m2. Sea water temperature is lower because of the cool springs and rivers’ conjunctions. Average humidity is 20 – 30%.

Northerly blowing winds are predominant, it blows stronger and causes gusts off the coast of Çandarlı, and it causes choppy seas. Care is required especially while sailing from the points Maltepe on the north and Arslan Burnu on the south.


1-A reef on the norther side of Çandarlı Shelter extends 40 meters from the shore.

2-A reef and shoal water runs out from the point on west of Yeni Foça Bay. They stretch about 40 meters.  300 meters off the shore.

All sorts of provisions are available. Transport facilities are efficient. 

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