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221 – 2210 – 2211 – 2212 – 2213 – 2214 – 2215 Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigaton, Hydrography and Oceanography.

1522 – 1645 B.Admitalty

Adequate anchorages from Deveboynu Point on the east to Karaburun on the west are examined in this section. İzmir Bay is a reverse ‘’L’’ shaped gulf, indenting to the east. The shore line from the eastern entrance to the south of Foca is steep mountains. Then the shoreline to the northern entrance of the gulf has flat valleys. This area is marshy and shallow. There is sufficient depths on the northern part of the gulf, depths gradually shelve ashore. Careful plotting is required. The western side of the gulf – Karaburun Peninsula is mountains. Northerly blowing winds are predominant, it blows at full strength at noon time and dies off late afternoon.

İzmir Gulf has a Mediterranean climate which is characterized by long, hot dry summers and mild to cool, rainy winters. The average annual precipitation is 700 – 1200 mm. July and August are the warmest mounts, January and February are the coldest. Although it is rare, snow can fall in İzmir. During summer, the air temperature can climb. The average maximum temperature ranges between the low – to – mid 30 °C The meltem (sea breeze) has cool effect in hot summers.


1- Hacılar Port – 2 miles on the south of Foca is a military zone. Entry is forbidden.

2- Anchorage and going ashore is also prohibited around Uzunada. It is a military zone.

3-A barely submerged reef about 70 – 80 meters lies about 70 meters off the breakwater of Balıkova Shelter.

4- A sandbank extends to the northwest direction about 300 meters. There is shoal water. Keep some distance off.

5- Çakal Burnu Sığlığı (point) shoals extend to the north about 1 mile from the shore after Yenikale Strait.

The water is muddy after Yenikale Strait. The sea is very dirty and smells terrible.

There are number of shelters and a marina in the gulf. İzmir is the 3rd largest town in Turkey. Transport facilities (Air, land and sea) are available to everywhere. All sorts of provisions can be found.  Touristic and historical sites are big attractions for visitors. Seafood varieties are rich and reasonable especially in Karaburun, Mordoğan and Balıkova.

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