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Özbek Port


Özbek Port

Coordinates 38°22'28.02" N - 26°40'46.79" E
Chart No 2214

Özbek Shelter is of the eastern side of Gülbahçe Bay. A sandbank extends NW 400 meters off the main breakwater. When approaching from the north alter your course southward, observe sheltering breakwater from 90 degrees and turn in for the shelter. A finger jetty is in the middle in the basin. Both sides are adequate for berthing. There are 1.5 – 5 meters depth in the inlet. Boats drop anchor and go stern – or bow. Water and electricity are available for a fee. Berthing capacity is 50 boats. The shelter is managed by fishing cooperative (phone: 0232 – 573 01 11). Fuel is obtained from a tanker truck. Fishmongers are around the shelter and fish auction is arranged. Restaurants offer good food with reasonable rates. Regular transport facilities are available to the Özbek Village – 2 km and Urla – 10 km. Most provisions can be found in the village. Public market takes place on Fridays and Sundays. 




00:00 PRESSURE1008 hPa
27°C 6 knots
03:00 PRESSURE1007 hPa
25°C 6 knots
06:00 PRESSURE1005 hPa
25°C 10 knots
09:00 PRESSURE1006 hPa
29°C 13 knots
12:00 PRESSURE1005 hPa
32°C 14 knots
15:00 PRESSURE1004 hPa
34°C 18 knots
18:00 PRESSURE1003 hPa
33°C 18 knots
21:00 PRESSURE1003 hPa
29°C 14 knots