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Izmir Marina

Izmir Marina
İzmir Marina   ALL VISUALS

İzmir Marina

Coordinates 38°24'24.00" N - 27°4'9.00" E
Chart No 2212
Vhf 73

Lights Fl(2) R 5sn

Fl(2) G 5sn

Call sign \"IZMIR MARİNA\"

Levent Marina is the only marina in İzmir. Depth in the inlet is 3 meters. The marina has space for 70 boats and dry berthing is 40. Water and electricity connections are available. There are laid moorings tailed on quays. Fuel can be obtained from a tanker truck. Laundry service is provided. The shipyard hauls boats of 200 tones. Hauling here is sledge and runners. Maintenance facilities are well developed.

All sorts of provisions can be found from the city. İzmir is the 3rd largest town of Turkey. Various transport facilities are available to most destinations.

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