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Urla Port


Urla Port

Coordinates 38°21'53.74" N - 26°46'22.97" E
Chart No 2215 D


Main breakwater                         F.G.7m 3M

Pier                                              Q

VHF                                            16

Urla Limanı is on the west of Karantina Adası (Islet). Boats can safely be berthed. There is berthing space for 60 boats. It is a crowded anchorage in summer months. There are 3-5 meters depth in the basin. Boats drop anchor for berthing. Laid moorings are private owned. The quay on the main breakwater is allocated for yachts. You may go stern – or bow to here. The outer quay is occupied by the research vessels. Water and electricity connections are available. Fuel is obtained from a tanker truck. The port is managed by the fishing cooperative (phone: 0232 – 752 00 86). Most provisions are available in the town. Restaurants, cafes, fish mongers and a chandlery are around the port zone.

Public market takes place on Saturdays and Sundays.


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