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Gökçeada - Kaleköy


Gökçeada - Kaleköy

Coordinates 40°13'52.55" N - 25°53'26.81" E
Chart No 2131

Kaleköy Shelter is on the west of Kaleköy Point. It affords all round shelter. There is limited space for berthing for the visiting boats. There are sea level rocks on the south at the entry. Care is required. The best is to keep the route close to the main breakwater. There are 2 – 7 meters depth in the inlet. Boats drop anchor and go stern to the main breakwater. Local fishing cooperative administrates the shelter (phone: 0538 – 270 22 30). Water and electricity connection are available. Fuel can be obtained from a tanker truck. Toilets and showers are within the shelter. There are restaurants and markets around the port. Public market takes place on Sundays. Diving tours are organized. Regular transport facilities are available to Gökçeada town center and to the villages. A Greek church in the vicinity is actually from the Genoese period.

Gökçeada is the largest island in Turkey. Imbros or İmroz were the name of the island, officially changed to Gökçeada and constitutes a district of Çanakkale province. The population is predominantly Turkish but there are still Greeks, most of the elderly. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church is from Gökçeada. He was born in the village of Zeytinli.

A private company runs regular flights in summer months. 


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