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Çeşme Setur Marina

Çeşme Setur Marina
Çeşme Setur Marina   ALL VISUALS

Çeşme Setur Marina

Coordinates 38°19'22.97" N - 26°20'47.69" E
Chart No 2223
Vhf 73

Light at the Entry     FI. G 3M / FI. R 3 M

CALL SIGN             “Setur Marina”

Setur Çeşme Marina is on the western shore of Ilıca Bay, half a mile south of Kalem Point. The marina is an annex of the Grand Altınyunus Hotel complex. Depths are 5 meters at the entrance, 4 meters on the starboard side and 2 meters at quays for small boats berthing on the hotel side. There are laid moorings tailed on quays. Water, electricity and internet connections are on the quays. Chandlery, laundry and fuel station are available within the marina. Berthing capacity is 180 boats in water and dry berthing is 60. Yachts up to 60 tones can be hauled out on a cradle and slipway.

Visiting yachtsman can use the hotel’s facilities. Restaurants, bars are within the hotel complex.

Çeşme bus stop station is 4 km, Ilıca bus stop station is 2 km from the marina. Regular transport services are available. Adnan Menderes International Airport is 95 km from the marina. 

Çeşme Setur Marina Map