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Bayındır Port


Bayındır Port

Coordinates 36°10'42.94" N - 29°38'43.42" E
Chart No 313-321-3211-3131


İnceburun Light: Fl 3s 10m 5M

Bayındır Limanı is a large bay 1 NM south of Kaş. It is known as Limanağzı amongst the local people.

 The İnceburun light tower is on the western point; isolated reefs extend out for about 70m from the tip. Keep well off. The bay’s east shore has reddish-colored steep hillsides. Lycian tombs carved in the rocks can be easily seen. This bay is open to the northerly blowing winds, but it doesn’t bother in summer months. Prevailing wind sends swell in.

 A finger cape in the middle divides the bay in two. Both sides afford adequate shelter from the prevailing wind. You can drop anchor in 5 – 8 meters by the beach side and swing. For overnight staying; boats drop anchor in 12 – 15 m and take a line ashore.   The bottom is thick weed and sand close to shore. Bayındır Bay has become popular for excursion boats during the day, but it is a quiet anchorage at night.  A private resident is spotted at the tip of cape.  Near the ancient church is a cool cave; it is about 500 from the finger cape in the middle of the bay. This cave was used to be the food storage of inhabitants.

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