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Yağlıca Bay


Yağlıca Bay

Coordinates 36°8'28.97" N - 29°47'4.14" E
Chart No 313-321-3211-3131

Half a mile north of the strait of Akar, Yağlıca Bay indents to the west narrowing at the end. It looks like a fjord, the bottom is sand. There are 25 meters depth in the middle, it gradually shelves ashore. Boats drop anchor in 8 meters and take a line ashore as there is just room for a few boats. The rocks are real sharp, it is always the best to put chain around the rock of your mooring rope. There is just room for a few boats; the space is limited for maneuvering. Go stern drop your anchor and take a line ashore. Yağlıca Bay affords good sheltering except in NW winds, and is a popular with the excursion boats, but the nights are quite.

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