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Kekova - Antalya Gulf


Adequate anchorages from Asar Koyu on the west (36°09’520”N - 29°04’04”E) to Şildanlar Koyu on the east (36°12’4”N - 30°24 1’’’E) are explained in our portal.

Kekova is the cradle of nature and history. The historical sites in the bays along its coast never fail to impress visitors. Kekova Island and the town are among the region’s most idyllic spots. There is a marina and a marinette in the region. Provisional facilities are well developed. Transport facilities to major cities are regularly available.

There are several options to enter into the bay. When entering from the west to Ölüdeniz, care is required for sea-level rocks on the southeast of Kekova Island.

Mediterranean weather conditions are predominant in the region. Prevailing wind blow from the southwest – west. The prevailing westerlies build by noon, but die off by late afternoon. July and august are real warm and sea-water temperature also reaches to the maximum.


1-A shallow patch extends out for about 200 meters to the north from the western point of Kekova Island. This patch is around 20 m in diameter. Extreme care is required if you are routing to Kaleköy from the western side of Ölüdeniz.

2-When you use the passage from Ölüdeniz to Üçağız. Pay attention for the sea-level rocks.

3-The western and the eastern shores of Kaleköy is shallow.


321-3211-3212-3131Printed by Turkish Navy-Department of Navigation, Oceanography and Hydrograhy


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