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Üçağız Port


Üçağız Port

Coordinates 36°11'43.20" N - 29°50'53.79" E
Chart No 321-3212-242

Üçağız has an E/W orientation – 1.5 miles long. On approaching from the South, two islets in the middle are conspicuous. Care is needed for the reefs extending from the islets. The shallow areas can clearly be seen. There is 5 meter depth in the fairway. There is 7 – 8 meters depth in the inlet. The bottom is mud and provides excellent holding. Boats drop anchor off the village by Gökbucak side. Gökbucak and Irmakbaşı side on the east is a better anchorage for those who enjoy serenity. Üçağız is a winter port, providing all – round shelter. The piers  are managed by the village authority (Phones: 532 – 244 11 63 or 532 – 767 00 73). Water, electricity and discharge facilities are provided. There are laid moorings tailed on the piers. Berthing capacity is 50 yachts. Fuel can be obtained from truck tanker. Limited provisions are available from the market. Cargo services are provided. You can also find rent a car service in the village.

Üçağız was once the Lycian city of Theimussa. You can see the ruins, of sarcophagi and tombs. The village is situated in the same area – has restaurants and pensions than houses. The village is a popular spot for the tripper boats.

There are regular transport services to Demre – 24 km and Kaş – 32 km.