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Hamidiye Bay


Hamidiye Bay

Coordinates 36°11'32.85" N - 29°52'10.85" E
Chart No 321-3212-242 B.Adm.

Hamidiye Koyu is on ½ NM miles to the east of Kaleköy, provides good shelter from prevailing winds. There’s an islet on the western part of the point. A pier belongs to Coast Guard. There is 5 meters dept at the head. Boats drop anchor in 15 – 25 meters. There is a ruined pier ledge underwater. The settings are impressive.

During the Balkan Wars, the Ottoman cruiser Hamidiye stayed in this historic harbour. The Hamidiye was the first modern warship; she conducted raids against Greek ships. A Turkish flag painted on the rocks is a reminder of those days. 


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