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Gökkaya Port


Gökkaya Port

Coordinates 36°12'33.56" N - 29°53'41.23" E
Chart No 321-3212-242 B.Adm.

Gökkaya Limanı is the largest bay in Kekova, providing all round shelter.

There are three entrances into the bay.

1st one: When approaching from Ölüdeniz, the narrow passage between Kisneli Ada and the mainland – has considerable depths.

2nd one: The passage between Kişneli Ada and Asırlı Ada,

And the 3rd one: The channel on the northern part of Aşırlı Ada.

There are several islets and rocks in the vicinity. Depth in the bay is 7 to 8 meters and the bottom is mud—good holding. The bay provides good shelter in prevailing winds and you can tuck yourself in wherever is convenient.

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