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Ölüdeniz - Kekova


Adequate anchorages from Ölü Deniz on the west(36°33’20”N - 29°04’04”E) to Asar Koyu on the east (36°09’5”N - 29°47’E) are explained in our portal.The bays along from Kötü Burun to Patara are open to westerlies. They are not adequate anchorages.From north to south, the famous seven capes are: Yediburunbaşı, Kötü Burun; 36°23.4’N - 29°06.2’E (with light, Fl(2) 10s 28m 12M), Sancak Burnu, İnkaklık Burun, Yassı Burun, Kılıç Burnu, and Zeytin (İnce) Burun.High, craggy mountains rise steeply from the sea and reach 1,000m. Their overpowering size makes this shore creepy and inhospitable. Prevailing winds blow from the NW and creates choppy seas. The wind funnels down from the mountains and causes gusts from different directions. It is best to keep a good distance offshore. When proceeding in these waters, leave early in the morning before the wind gets up.Patara shores are 7 miles long and starts from the east of Yedi Burunlar.The beach and the bottom are clean white sand. Depth gently shelves to 10 m by Eşen stream on the beach side. This beach is another of the very few breeding grounds for sea turtles (Caretta caretta) and it is protected under a preservation program. The sand beach ends at İnceburun, where you can stop for swimming breaks in calm weather. The western shore can be identified from a distance by an aero light (Fl R) and TV antennas. Eren Hill gently rises from the shore nearby. Right after Eren Hill Çatal Adaları and Yılan Adası with a light (Fl 5s 76m 5 M) are easily spotted.  Sakarya Sığlığı, a shallow patch (6m deep) lies ½ NM south of İnceburun. Diving boats from Kalkan come here for scuba diving in calm weather to show two wrecks. There is another shallow patch on the route to Kaş – Kaptanoğlu Kayalığı, care is required.

Shallow patches and sea level rocks on the route from Kaş to Kekova by Meis Island are clearly shown on the charts. They are easily spotted.

There are two shelters and one marina in the region. All kinds of provisions including chandlery can be obtained.

Daily tours from Kaş to Meis Island are organized and regular transport facilities are available to major cities.

Meteorological Facts;

Average rainfall: 782.9 mm/m2

(December is the most rainy month – 181.9 mm/m2).

Predominant wind: W/SW – N/NE – E/NE

Average sea water temperature: 21.3 C

(August is the warmest).

Region carries Mediterranean climate conditions. Mild and rainy relatively warm in winter, hot in summer. Weather temperature never goes below 12.3 C.

Scuba diving and courses are available. There are very attractive colorful diving spots in the region like; Flying Fish, Canyon, Neptun Resifi, Likya Batığı, Fener Burnu, Besmi Resifi, Gürmenli Adası, Gürmenli Kayaları, Güvercin Adası and Uluburun Batağı.

The region is an attractive spot for para-gliders. They leap from nearby mountaintops, soar and float above the coves and islets. Canoe activity is also attractive, tours are organized for visitors.


A reef (Kaptanoğlu Rocks) lies 2 NM east-southeast of Heybeli Ada, 1 NM off the shore. There is about 2.5m depth over the rocks, and they are marked by a red-black buoy with two conical top marks.


313- 321-3211-3131 Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Oceanography and Hydrograph.

236-241 Admiralty.

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