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Sazak Port


Sazak Port

Coordinates 36°21'27.95" N - 30°30'28.66" E
Chart No 322-3221-241 B. Adm.

Sazak Limanı is 1.5 NM northwest of Çavuş Burnu, hidden between the high mountains. There is no obstacle at the entry in the fairway. A wide passage between two lumpy rocky capes leads to two recesses in the bay. The one to the N is Yalancı Ceneviz.  A rock by the end of the bay, extending out for about 10 – 15 meters is conspicuous. The northern part of this rock affords shelter from the northerlies. The southern side of the bay ends by a sandy beach. You can anchor there in 5 -6 meters and swing. The bottom is sand. Sazak Limanı provides all-round shelter except in northerly winds.

The shore is wooded in pine where you feel the wild nature with  attractive settings.

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