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Tekirova Port


Tekirova Port

Coordinates 36°31'5.54" N - 30°32'52.08" E
Chart No 322-3221-241 B. Adm.

Tekirova Limanı lies between the long sandy shores of Çamyuva and Tekirova beaches where ancient Phaselis is located. Ancient Phaselis is located on the eastern side of the beach.  Boats drop anchor in 3 – 6 meters off the beach by the point on the west. Isolated reefs run out from the point. Prevailing wind sends swell in. This bay is popular for excursion boats and is crowded by noon. It is best to come early visit Phaselis before the excursion boats arrive.

Ancient Phaselis is on the east of the beach. The port entrance is blocked by rocks. You can enter the inlet by dinghy. The inlet used to be the port of Phaselis.

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