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Alanya Marina

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Alanya Marina

Coordinates 36°33'25.10" N - 31°57'10.93" E
Chart No 3221
Vhf 73


Main breakwater head; Fl.R 5s 10m 4M

Sheltering breakwater head Fl.G 5s 10m 4M

This marina has been opened in 2011. Berthing capacity is 287 yachts and dry-berthing capacity is 160. There is 100 tons travel - hoist and 25 tons boat mover. All kinds of mechanical and maintenance works can be carried out.

Bilge charge and laundry services are provided.  There is a swimming pool and club room, designated for boat owners.  A restaurant, bar, market, SPA, ATM and chandlery are within the marina grounds. Provisions are available in the town. Public market is arranged on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Antalya International airport is – 130 km from the marina.

Alanya Marina Map