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Antalya Setur Marina

Antalya Setur Marina   ALL VISUALS

Antalya Setur Marina

Coordinates 36°50'10.00" N - 30°37'0.00" E
Chart No 322
Vhf 72

Lights ;

Main breakwater head:           Fl.R 3s 15m 6M

Sheltering breakwater   Fl.G 3s 14m 6M

VHF:  72

Call sign:   “Setur Marina Antalya\"

Setur Antalya Marina is in the Antalya Port zone. Care is required for fuel transport platforms at the entry of the marina. They cannot be identified until you are close.

Berthing capacity is 235 yachts, and dry berthing capacity is 300. Depth is 3 – 4 meters in the inlet. There are laid moorings tailed to pantoons. Water, electricity (220 V 32 Amp – 380 V 200 Amp), TV and Wi – Fi connections are available on the the pontoons. There are 60 – 75 and 200 – ton travel hoist and boat mover – 12 tons. All kinds of mechanical, electrical and carpentry works can be carried out. Bilge discharge facility is available. Fuel station, open for 24 hrs,  is in the marina.

A restaurant, bar, market and chandlery are within the marina grounds. Entry and exit formalities can be carried out. There is a club room, designated for boat owners.

All kinds of provisions can be found in the city. Public market takes place on Tuesday. Minibus services to Antalya town center – 10 km are available.

Antalya International Airport is – 30 km from the marina.

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