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Çıralı Port


Çıralı Port

Coordinates 36°23'52.74" N - 30°28'47.92" E
Chart No 322-3221-241 B. Adm.

Çıralı Liman lies to the west of Yöremenci Burnu.  The shoreline is  sandy. Çıralı Bay is a fair-weather anchorage. You can drop anchor in 10 – 15meters off the beach. From here you can visit the important ancient Lycian city of Olympos, which is on the Akpınar River in the valley. The setting is tremendous, and swimming in the river’s cool water (near the entrance) is a delight. Çıralı Bay is one of the most popular spots for excursion boats, it is always better to reach here before noon time. The village of Çıralı is situated inland, and the famous Yanartaş is accessible from there. A rough path leads to the mythological Chimaera, who was thought to be Lycia’s fire-breathing monster. 

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