Coast Guide TR


The Sea of Marmara


Coordinates 40°51'31.00" N - 29°6'32.46" E
Chart No 2923 - 2920

Büyükada is the largest island of the Princes’ Islands. Distance from the north to the south is 2 miles. The most adequate anchorage is Yörük Ali bay. This bay is on the western shore, it lies on the south of the point of ‘’Dil Burnu’’ – extending to the west. Yörükali Bay affords adequate sheltering from northerlies. There are 8 – 10 meters depth in the middle, it shelves ashore gradually and drops to 4 – 5 meters off the beach. The bay is surrounded by pine trees. Yörükali is a popular promenade, it gets crowded on weekends. A cove on the north of the point ‘’Dil Burnu’’ is called Değirmen Koyu (40.51.44 N – 29.06.44 E) is a fair-weather anchorage; it is open to the northerly blowing winds. A path on the upper part runs all around the island. There is a shelter by the pier in the town; this shelter is only for the small fishing boats. As on the other islands, motorized vehicle – except service vehicles – are forbidden, so the most popular way of getting around is horse – drawn carriages (fayton) or bicycles. Provisions are available from the markets. Restaurants, cafes and bars are around the town zone. Public market takes place on Thursdays.

Büyükada Map