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West İstanbul Marina

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West İstanbul Marina

Coordinates 40°57'37.00" N - 28°39'33.20" E
Chart No
Vhf 72

West Istanbul Marine is on the European site, situated in Beylükdüzü district and it has been opened in 2012. West Istanbul Marina has mooring capacity up to 600 boats and there is a pier for the mega yacths mooring. The depth in the marina is around 3.5 – 7 meters. Electric connection (16 – 32 – 63 – 125 – 240 Amp/220 – 380 V, 50 Hz) is available.

Water, cable TV and internet connection are provided. Showers, laundry and dish washing facilities are avaliable. There is parking facility for 500 vehicles. Fuel station, helipad, swimming pool, bars, restaurants and chandlery shop are within the zone for the visitors.

Marina has a berth pool up to the beam - 7 meters. Ground berthing area capacity is 300 boats. There is a travel hoist – 75 tons and forklift – 3 tons. All sort of technical services can be obtained. West Istanbul Marina is 7 km away from Avcılar ferry pier and Atatürk International Airport is 17 km.

West İstanbul Marina Map