Coast Guide TR


The Sea of Marmara


Coordinates 40°29'8.42" N - 27°35'59.71" E
Chart No 294 - 2941 E

Paşalimanı is the 2nd largest island in the region. Paşalimanı Bay affords all round sheltering, especially from the northerly blowing winds. Careful plotting is required on approaching. The best is to keep route from the north to enter and leave Koyun Island on the starboard. The northern part is clear and no obstructions in the fairway. If you approach from the west, pay attention to the shallowness buoys and leave Koyun Island on the port side. There are reefs and shoal water at this side. Paşalimanı is a winter port and it hosted Ottoman navy for a long time. The cemetery in the village contains Ottoman pashas’ graves. The village on the south is called Harmanlı Koyu, this part (40.28.48 N – 27.36.15 E) affords adequate sheltering from the southerly blowing winds. The bottom is sand. The concrete pier in Paşalimanı village affords berthing for 12 boats. Village authority (phone: 0533 – 430 44 29) administrates the port. A fee is charged. Water and electricity connections are provided. A market, state clinic and gendarme station are in the village zone. A path goes to Balıklı pier; there are regular boat services to the islands around. Balıklı side (40.27.38 N - 27.37.32 E) affords good sheltering from the northerly blowing winds.

Paşalimanı Map