Coast Guide TR


The Sea of Marmara


Coordinates 40°40'28.33" N - 27°15'50.94" E
Chart No 295

Mürefte port is on eastern side of the town. Reefs and shoal water close to coast are conspicuous. Direct approaching is advised. There are 6 – 7 meters depth at the entry. Depths at the head on the quay are around 2, 5 – 3 meters. Boats drop anchor and go stern – to the quay. Berthing capacity is 50 boats. Water and electricity connections are provided. Fishing cooperative administrates the port (Phone: 535 – 643 01 96). Boats up to 30 meters LOA can be hauled. Hauling here is sledge and runners. Fuel can be obtained from truck tanker. Provisions are available. Public market is arranged on Sundays. Mürefte is 55 km from Tekirdağ. Transport facilities are regularly available.

Mürefte Map