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The Sea of Marmara


Coordinates 40°36'50.24" N - 27°42'18.22" E
Chart No 294

Asmalı shelter and the town is on the southwest of Marmara Island. A quay along the main breakwater is adequate for berthing. There are 3 – 4 meters depth in the inlet. Boat drops anchor and go stern – or bow. The shelters on the southern side of Marmara Island are open to northerly blowing winds, strong northerlies send in swell. It is always best to ease the anchor chain as much as possible. As locals confirm if there is swell penetration and waves on the rocks at the entry of the shelter, there is heavy sea – build up off the shore. Asmalı shelter is a favorite stopover port for boats cruising northward. Fishing cooperative administrates the port (phone: 0546 231 09 25). A fee is charged. Water and electricity connections are provided. There are markets and restaurant within the town zone. Public market is arranged on Monday and Fridays. Asmalı is 18 km from Marmara Island town center and 8 km from Saraylar village. Regular transportation services are available.

Asmalı Map