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Marmara Island Saraylar

The Sea of Marmara

Marmara Island Saraylar

Coordinates 40°39'28.98" N - 27°39'52.69" E
Chart No 294 - 2941 E

Saraylar shelter is on the northeast of Marmara Island. This port affords all round sheltering. Saraylar village is well known with its marble quarries. Breakwater stones and quay are all made of marble. There are 4 – 8 meters depth in the inlet. Berthing capacity is 30 boats. Boats drop anchor and go stern – or bow. Village authority administrates the shelter (phone: 0532 – 506 08 38 and 0266 887 73 34). A fee is charged. Water and electricity connections are provided. Fuel is supply is possible from tanker truck. There are markets, restaurants around the port. State clinic and a pharmacy are within the vicinity. Marble statuses in the port area are made by the students of the faculty of fine arts. The settings in Saraylar village are impressive. Historical houses, sarcophaguses and remain of the antic churches are worth seeing. There are attractive bays around; Albruz, Büyük Koy and Küçük Koy. They are adequate anchorages depending on the wind directions. There is an interesting promenade is called ‘’Yana’’ – it is a favorite spot for the locals. Ferry transport facility is regularly available to Tekirdağ. Saraylar village is 26 km from the town center of Marmara Island. Public market takes place on Fridays.

Marmara Island Saraylar Map