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Güzelce Marina

The Sea of Marmara
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Güzelce Marina

Coordinates 40°58'8.62" N - 28°43'7.94" E
Chart No 2901-2-A-B
Vhf 72

Ana Mendirek Fl R 5sn Tali Mendirek Fl G 5sn Güzelce Marina has been opened in 2008; the marina is located on the European side, within Güzelce town zone. The marina’s in water capacity is 250 boats (up to 60 m LOA) and dry berthing is 120. Water and electricity (220/380 V) are available from the pedestals. There are 500 tons travel hoist and boat mover. Showers, lockers and parking facilities are available. Fuel can be obtained from tanker truck. Provisions are available from the town and public market takes place on Wednesdays.

Güzelce Marina Map