Coast Guide TR


The Sea of Marmara


Coordinates 40°36'57.97" N - 28°57'2.81" E
Chart No 2901 - 4

This shelter is within Esenköy town zone. Above water rock – 0.5 m which lies 100 – 150 meters off the shore is conspicuous. There is sufficient water in the fairway, but it is always best to follow the route to keep close to the breakwater. This anchorage provides all round sheltering. The depth in the entrance is 5 meters and there are 3 meters depth on the town side and 4 meters depth at the head of the mole. The central section of the quay is used for the regular passenger ferry and must be left clear. Berthing capacity is 80 boats. This shelter is managed by fishing cooperative. A fee is charged. Water and electricity connections are provided. Bilge charge service is available. Fuel can be obtained from a tanker truck. There is a slip way in the yard, emergency hauling service is provided for the boats (up to 10 meters LOA). Restaurants and tea houses are around the port. Most provisions can be obtained. State clinic and banks’ ATMs are within the vicinity. Public market is arranged on Tuesdays. Land transport facilities are available to Çınarçık – 10 km and Yalova – 30 km.

Esenköy Map