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Coordinates 37°3'11.00" N - 27°13'55.00" E
Chart No 224

Gümüşlük is an adeqaute natural shelter on the western part of Bodrum Peninsula. It lies between Points Dönmez Burnu on the NW and Kara bakla Burnu on the SW and it is hidden by1.2 miles to the east of Çavuş Adası.At the entry, from the peninsula to the direction of islet, below sea level dressed stones of old breakwater runs out for about 30 m from the shore. Keep clear away. Reefs of concrete quay run out about 40 m from the shore on your starboard.

The sheltering part is to the north. The depths in the way are 6-15 m and gradually shelve to the shore. Boats swing at anchor. Strong northerlies send swell in. There is a pier with berthing capacity of 8 boats (Attendant phone : 252-394 37 24 and 0536 412 58 19). Yachts anchor towards NW go stern with a long line ashore. The bottom is sand-weed. Make sure your anchor is well dug in. Tripper boats use this pier. Water and electricity can be obtained. Fish auction is arranged. You can purchase fresh fish and block ice from the fishmongers.

Gümüşlük is subject to heritage conservation programme, to preserve its identity. Some fragments from Myndos can be observed. The village took its name from silver ore around. Today the village has become very popular with its fish restaurants ashore. All sort of provisions can be found from the markets. Public market is arranged on wednesdays. The wine production industry is in progress. Gümüşlük is a popular town with attractive surroundings. Walking amongst the tangerine gardens is a real delight.

Regular transport facilities to Bodrum, Yalıkavak and Turgutreis are always available.

State clinic, Gendarme Station and two phamacy shops are located in the village zone. An ambulance is in order for emergency intervening.  The town host a large number of hotels, pensions. Wireless connections are available from these premises. Gümüşlük is the home of art and cultural events. Art festivals and cultural performances are held in the old church of Eklisi. Annual classical music festival brings world class virtuosis to Gümüşlük.

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