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Coordinates 37°0'17.00" N - 27°15'13.00" E
Chart No 224-2248

Turgutreis is a residential place on the western part of Bodrum Peninsula. The name of the town is carved on the rocks. The northern shores are shallow. Crusing in this part becomes uncomfortable with strong wind, cause gusts out. The southern part is more convenient for cruising. D-Marin Turgutreis is situated on this part. There is also a shelter, managed by the cooperative (Mustafa Gündoğan: 542-712 76 14). The depth in the inlet is 3m. Tripper and diving boats occupy the shelter. Bilgewater discharge facility is avaliable in the shelter. Coast guard station is in the shelter complex. Block ice and butane gas bottle can be purchased.

The name of the town is derived from great naval commander of Ottoman Empire Turgut Reis. The town has become an important touristic spot with its very clear sea and hosts a large number of hotels and pensions. Tangerine gardens behind, are surrounded by cypress trees. The town is 20km away from Bodrum. Regular transport services are always available.

All provisions are found. The chandlery shop is available within D-Marin. The peasent market is arranged on Wednesdays and the public market is arranged on Sundays. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be purchased at reasonable prices.   

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