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Yeşilova Gulf - Point Kadırga


Adequate anchorages from Karaburun( 36°33.3’N-28°58.7’E) on the west to Kadırga Burnu (36°43.8’N-28°18’E) on the east are indicated in this section. The shore line extends to northeast, it rises in sheer rocks; the mountains are rugged and barren. The whole stretch is open to westerlies. When the wind builds, it funnels and gets even stronger between Points Gökçe and Zeytinli. It is always the best to keep some distance off the shore. Prevailing winds blow from the N-NW, swifts to the W. In strong NW winds, a heavy sea builds. Sailors must be very careful if they are heading west.  Common practice confirms that breeze gets up at noon time, reaches full strenght in the afternoon and dies off late afternoon.  When heading that direction, raise anchor early before the breez gets up to avoid cross-swell and choppy seas. Care is needed at the narrow entries of the bays. There is deep water along this part of the coast, and no sailing obstructions. Provisional facilities are poor as land transport connections nearly not available. Angling is very productive.
311-3112 Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Hydrogpahy and Oceanography.

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