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Çiftlik Bay


Çiftlik Bay

Coordinates 36°42'56.68" N - 28°14'27.93" E
Chart No 311-3121 E

Çiftlik A large bay on N of Çiftlik Adası. There are sufficient depths on both passages. The bottom is weed-sand. Boats can be pushed off in 5-9 m on the western side. The slopes are covered by pine and olive trees. Çiftlik Koyu provides sheltering from breeze, but it is open to south. Breeze blows down from valley behind. There are gusts in the bay. There are number of jetties of the restaurants. There are laid moorings tailed on jetties. Water and electricity connections are available. Provisons can be found from the grocery shops. Wireless connections are provided from the reastaurants. Regular minibus services are available to Bayır (7 km) and Marmaris (35 km). This bay is popular for the tripper boats from Marmaris, but it is quite after 16.00 pm. The settings in Çiftlik are impressive.

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