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Arap Island


Arap Island

Coordinates 36°38'57.64" N - 28°8'43.40" E
Chart No 311

Arap Adası Koyu lies on the north of point; Çömlek burnu and it is squeezed between Küçük Arap Adası and Kara Ada. While entering into this narrow bay, keep islet on your starboard. The northern part of the passage is shoal. Boats can anchor in 6-7m with a line ashore to the beach side. It provides sheltering from prevailing winds. Strong westerlies send swell and it is funneled down fom the valley by the beach side. Local fishing boats berth on the east of the beach. Small boats can anchor here. Care is needed for the shoal water.

A rough path from the beach leads up the and reaches Taşlıca Village (3.5 km). You can observe animal grazing by the beach side and feel country style life. 




00:00 PRESSURE1018 hPa
11°C 2 knots
03:00 PRESSURE1016 hPa
11°C 11 knots
06:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
11°C 16 knots
09:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
11°C 11 knots
12:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
12°C 11 knots
15:00 PRESSURE1014 hPa
13°C 10 knots
18:00 PRESSURE1014 hPa
13°C 8 knots
21:00 PRESSURE1016 hPa
11°C 8 knots