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The West Coast of Bodrum Peninsula

The west costs of the Bodrum Peninsula stretches for 10.5 miles, from the Point İnce Burun on Yalıkavak Peninsula on the N to Hüseyin Burnu on the S. Barren mountains ascend inland. Several islets with rocky patches lie  from north to south. They include Büyük Kiremit Adası(Fl(2) 10s 89m 10M), Küçük Kiremit Adası, Çavuş Adası, Çatal Ada(Fl(2) 20s 48m 6M), Topan Ada(Fl 5s 54m 7M), Yassıada, Çobanada, Sarıoat, and Tüllüce Adaları.

The Paşa Kayaları shoal is ¼ M further to the SW (from the light tower), and covers an area of about 40m. The rocks are indicated by a concrete column with two conical marks. A shallow area also extends from the tip of the point towards the rocks, reaching almost to the middle of the passage between the two areas. Though this straight off the shore carries considerable depths, but we do not recommend charting your course through this passage. Rocky shallows are not identified from the distance.

Another rock lies 3/4 M southeast of Hüseyin Burnu light. Called Bekçi Kayası, it also covers an area of 30m. Depth around this rock is no shallower than 6m.

Boats cruising north-south should take the strait between the islets and the coast- Karabakla Boğazı. Westerly winds are predominant here, and when strong N to NW breezes blow, they can kick up a chop especially along the coast of Turgut Reis.

There are two marinas in the area. All kind of provisions can be obtained. There are two Coast guard stations. Regular transportation is available to Bodrum from all settlements along this shore.

A large number of ancient artifacts are still on the seabed. The area is within prohibited zone for diving.

Meteorological Facts :

Average temperature     : 19 C

Average temperature in summer      : 32 C

Average temperature in winter       : 7 C

 Average wind speed:3.1 m/sn
Strong wind blowing direction    : NE

Predominant wind    : SE

Average rainfall    :743 mm/m2

Average humidty  : 64%


 Printed by Turkish Navy Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography.

224   Sisam Boğazı-İstanköy Boğazı

2248 Gündoğan Limanı-Kadıkalesi

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