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Çatal Island - Bizans Wreck


Çatal Island - Bizans Wreck

Coordinates 37°0'18.00" N - 27°13'5.87" E
Chart No 224-2248

Çatal Ada lies 1,5M on the west of Turgutreis. There is a light tower on the northern tip of the island Fl(4) 20s 6M. It is anchored in the depth of 4-6 meters on the beach side between the hills. The southern part is more adequate for anchoring with a line ashore. The bottom is sand-weed. It gets strong swell from the beach side when breeze blows strong. The bottom is so clear, you can observe numerous hues of blue.

There is a pier on the south, if you walk up, you can have stupendous view of the western shores. Cool anchorage to take rest. Provisions can be obtained from Turgutreis.

Two islets Kuyrukada and Yassıada are on the south. A large number of historical artifacts are still on the seabed. They are not easily identified in choppy sea. Objects excavated by underwater archeologists are displayed in Bodrum Museum. There is strong current here.
 We suggest not cruising at nights because of the rocky patches and shallows on the northern part of Çatal Ada. Care is also needed on the southeast shores, around the islets Cobanada, Tüllüceada and Sarıot for the reefs and shallows. These dangers are not marked.'Çobanada,>

Diving tours are arranged from Turgutreis. You can take guided tour and see the beauties.

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