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Marmaris Region

Best placed to duck and anchor along with our suggestions and recommendations in the zone from Kadırga Burnu (36°43'8"N-28°18’E) - SE of  Yıldız(Nimara) Adası to SE  of point; Kütük Burnu (36°47’31”N-28°18’61”E) are classified in our portal.

Marmaris is one of the prettiest towns of Turkey. The nature is so generous here; blue and green are mingled as two in one nest. The bay is surrounded by densely wooded mountains. There are number of laced coves under attractive settings.  When westerlies are predominat, it does cause choppy sea. When the wind blows from south in spring and autumn, it causes gusts. I advise you to be careful about southerlies while sailing in spring and autumn. All kinds of provisions can be found in Marmaris. Provisions are also available in the anchorages. There are regular transport facilities available for most of cities in Turkey. Dalaman airport is 100 km from Marmaris. There are regular connections to European cities. There are daily ferries and hydrofoils to Greek Islands.

Scuba diving photo contest are organized in Marmaris. International Marmaris Yacht Festival is being organized annually with participation of Gulets, yachts and motor sailors.  This festival is an unique event in Turkey.

Marmaris has Mediterranean climate characteristics; mild and rainy, relatively warm in winter. Dry in summer.

Marmaris area is filled with many historical sites. The castle in the town, old houses and narrow streets are worth visiting. While you stroll around the old part in late afternoons, you feel the unique experience of stupendous view.

Marmaris has developped extensive boating and diving facilities. There are several diving centers. Guided diving trips and courses are arranged.

Favorite Diving Sports : 

Sarı Mehmet Burnu, Zone between Turunç and İçmeler, Keçi Adası Light, İnce Burun Light, Hayıt Burun, Abdi Reis Cove, Yazih Kaya, Baca Mağarası, Aksu Koyu, Kütük Burun and Kadırga Koyu.



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1644 Admiralty.

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