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Yıldız Island - Bedir Island - Boğaz Bays


Yıldız Island - Bedir Island - Boğaz Bays

Coordinates 36°48'55.55" N - 28°16'58.56" E
Chart No 311

This anchorage is on the south of Marmaris Port, it lies between Yıldız and Nimera Islands. There are good depths. The slopes are densily wooded by pine and olive trees. The best anchorage of Yıldız Island on south; is on the west of canal under point; Ak Burnu (36°48’93”N-28°16’68”E). The depths shelve ashore. There is a solitarys house ashore and there are security buoys of the house. Boats anchor in 12-25m and take a line ashore. The bottom is weed. Make sure your anchor dug in well. The settings are attractive and it affords sheltering from S-SW, but it is open to N-NE. Cool anchorage in summer nights. There is another attractive anchorage (36°49’71”N-28°17’41”E) in the canal on the south Bedir Island. Boats drop hook in 10-15 m and take a line ashore. This creek affords sheltering from northerlies.

These anchorages get crowded by tripper boats. It is better to arrive in late afternoon and leave before noon the next day.

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