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Ada Ağzı Bay


Ada Ağzı Bay

Coordinates 36°49'43.41" N - 28°18'37.13" E
Chart No 311

There is point on the SE side of the port. The inlet indenting to the north behind this point, affords all-round shelter. A stream flows into the sea on the east side of the bay. There is shoal water nearby. Boats anchor off up to Kütüklü Point. This anchorage gets crowded in summer. The setting are very attractive. The slopes are densily covered by pine and ocaliptus trees.

A swimming area is cordoned off by buoys. Boats can anchor off the beach in 5-8m. The bottom affords good holding. The hotel has a T-pier, where 32 boats can berth. There are laid moorings tailed to the pier. Water, electricty and wireless connections are available. Yachtsmen can use the hotel facilities. It is an attractive place. There is a boat chartering company within the complex. Maintenance works can be carried out. Regular transport facilities to Marmaris (6.5 km) are always available. 

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