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Fethiye Gulf - Ölü Deniz


The best places and the anchorages to dock along the shore of Gulf of Fethiye, from Çığlık Koyu (36°42’45”N - 29°00’01”E) on the north to Ölüdeniz (36°42’45”N - 29°00’01”E) on the east are explanied in our portal. 

The mountains flank the north coast of the Gulf Fethiye. Split by ravines, they rise sheer from the sea and some indentations are bordered by pine forest that come right to the water's edge. The shoreline in the Fethiye Gulf and Ölüdeniz are lee from the prevailing winds. The bays along the coast with historical sites are impressive for the visitors.

The region is easily accessible by air or road. Regular land transportation service is available for most destinations. Provisional facilities are well maintained. Medical care facilities and security standarts are sufficient. Boat maintenance facilities and yards are available in Fethiye. Entry-exit formalities can be carried out in Fethiye. The region is a booming spot for para-gliders.

Fethiye carries Mediterrenean climate conditons; mild and rainy, relatively warm in winter and hot in summer. The medium temperature is 30 C degree in summer and 10 C degree in winter. Water temperature never goes below 16 C degree. Rainfall is relatively low.

The predominant wind in Fethiye blows from N and NW, but it does cause severe gusts. It gets up by noon time and dies off late afternoon. In strong night time westerlies, there can be gusts and confused seas and considerable swell penetrate deep into gulf.

Care is needed for the shallow patches and reefs, extending out from the points. They cannot be easily seen. Always keep some distance off the points.

Dangerous Areas:

1- A group of rocks lies 150m off the east coast in Katrancı Bay,

2- An isolated rocks extending out for about 60-70m off the coast around point;Uzun Burun,

3- An isolated reef in the depth of 2m, lies 3/4 M NW of Tavşan Island. About 30-40m long, It has a yellow buoy with W cardinal markings (36°40'4\"N-29°01'5\"E ),

4- Izkaya Shoal: This shallow area lies 2 M west of Tavşan Island-the minimum depth over it is 4 to 6m (36°40'4\"N-29°5'.4\"E ),

 5- Balık Rock; A half -meter high rock rise 2 1/2 M E of Tavşan Island (36°40'2\"N-29°05'3\"E ),

6- Reefs on W of Karacaören Island.

Diving tours and courses are available. There are very attractive colourful diving spots in the region like; Afkule and Turkish bath, Balaban Island, Sarıyarlar-Denizatı Cove, Point İblis, Turnuç Pınarı, Barrucuda Reef, Gülleler and Plane Engine reef.

CHARTS :                       

312 -313- 3122-3131 Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Oceanography and Hydrography 

236-1054-1644-1886 Admiralty

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