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Ölü Deniz


Ölü Deniz

Coordinates 36°32'48.74" N - 29°6'46.71" E
Chart No 3131

Chart: 3131 - Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Oceanography and Hydrography.

Ölüdeniz is truly one of the wonders of the world. Ölüdeniz lies on the east of point; ''Yoğun Burnu''. This lagoon has a long sandy beach behind sand band. Ölüdeniz is protected under preservation programme, and entry by sailors is prohibited. However, you can tuck yourself into and nearby anchorages and come by dinghy. The cove by Point Yoğun is suitable anchorage. There you can anchor in 20m take a line ashore.

Ölüdeniz is a booming spot for para-gliders. They leap from nearby mountaintops, and soar and float above the beach and sea, and finally land right on the beach. Mount; ''Baba Dağı'' - 2000m is the take off point. The weather and winds are stable during summer. Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival is organized every year in October.

Provisions are available from the markets and grocery shops. A number of restaurant, pensions and hotels are in the vicinity. There are regular transport services available to Fethiye (13km). First aid-ambulance service is in order.


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